Your Life in Canada

August 5, 2015

We provide you with newcomer settlement services. Once you have finally moved to Canada, and are ready to start your life, we will be here to help you settle in your new home! We are here to help you to get over the culture shock as well as assist you with any barriers you as a newcomer may face.

We support you by providing the following services:

• Getting you settled in your community,
• Assist you in finding housing,
• Helping you find school or childcare for your children,
• Helping you find English or French language programs,
• Help you find a job in Canada by creating a Canadian Resume,
• Sign you up for skills training,
• Have your foreign education credential assessment done,
• Help you register for your healthcare and social insurance number (SIN),
• Assist you with filling out forms and applications to access government programs and services,
• Help you access interpretation services or have your documents translated into English or French.